Contact: Municipality of Apatin, Srpskih vladara 29, 25260 Apatin
Mayors Office, coordinator of the LED
tel . +381 25 773131
fax . +381 25 773212

Local Economic Development (LED) becomes the jurisdiction of local government after adoption of the new Law on Local Self-government in 2007. In the municipality of Apatin is . hired a person who has performed the duties of coordinator of the LED within the Office of the Mayor since 02.03.2009. The main course of coordinator for LER action was making strategic and operational framework for attracting domestic and foreign investment, in order to improve the business climate in local government and encourage sustainable economic development.

Ordinance on amendments to the Ordinance on internal organization and job classification of the municipal administration of the Apatin, on March 1, 2013th was formed Local Economic Development Office with the role to be initiator of local economic development. It currently employs one person to coordinate the activities of the LED Office.

Set of services that OLED offers its customers:

  • Planning and Development: Strategic planning , monitoring and implementation of the LED, the preparation and supervision of projects of importance to the LED;
  • Advisory function: giving opinions and advice to local government authorities , support to strategic planning processes, defining and proposing projects of importance to the LED;
  • Institutional relations and communication: the construction, maintenance and improvement of relations with central and provincial institutions, foreign institutions and donors, other local governments, businesses and civil society;
  • Promotional activities: The promotion of local government as a potential destination for investment, communications with potential investors, further strengthening and expansion of business activities;
  • Support to business community: providing services to existing companies and those in the making, assistance and support to foreign and domestic investors, building a business infrastructure;
  • Informational Role : Development and maintenance of databases of companies in the region, up to date analysis of the business environment with a database of potential investments.

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